Usain Bolt to play for Manchester United

Usain Bolt will be a playable character in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, the latest edition of Konami’s football video game.

The Manchester United supporter has previously spoken about wanting to play professional football, and gamers will now have the opportunity to watch him play – virtually.

Those who pre-order PES 2018 will have access to make use of the sprint king on the game, which will be released in the United Kingdom September 14.

Bolt admits he was happy to feature in the video game.

He said: ‘I love football and have played PES for as long as I can remember – it’s the best football game there is – and it’s a great honour to be a part of it and its success.

‘When the opportunity arose to be a player in PES 2018, it was too good to be true.

‘Having my face and movements scanned for use in the game was a fascinating process and I hope those who pre-order the game make full use of my pace and skill!’


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