Top 20: These are the most valuable football clubs in the world, according to Forbes

Manchester United have overtaken Real Madrid as the world’s most valuable football club, according to statistics provided by business magazine Forbes.

The Europa League winners Manchester United return to the top of the yearly list for the first time in five years, after being valued at $3.69 billion.

FC Barcelona were ranked second with a worth of $3.64bn, and La Liga winners Real Madrid were valued at $3.58bn as the third placed club.

Six Premier League clubs were in the top 10, with Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham joining Manchester United.

Forbes’ top 20 most valuable football teams
  1. Manchester United —- $3.69bn (£2.86bn)
  2. FC Barcelona —-   $3.64bn (£2.82bn)
  3. Real Madrid —-    $3.58bn (£2.77bn)
  4. Bayern Munich —-  $2.71bn (£2.1bn)
  5. Manchester City —-  $2.08bn (£1.61bn)
  6. Arsenal —–         $1.93bn (£1.5bn)
  7. Chelsea —–     $1.85bn (£1.43bn)
  8. Liverpool —–    $1.49bn (£1.15bn)
  9. Juventus —–     $1.26bn (£976m)
  10. Tottenham —–   $1.06bn (£821m)
  11. Paris St-Germain —-  $841m (£652m)
  12. Borussia Dortmund —-  $808m (£626m)
  13. AC Milan —–     $802m (£621m)
  14. Atletico Madrid —–    $732m (£567m)
  15. West Ham —-       $634m (£491m)
  16. Schalke 04 ——     $629m (£487m)
  17. Roma ——       $569m (£441m)
  18. Inter Milan ——    $537m (£416m)
  19. Leicester City ——    $413m (£320m)
  20. Napoli ——-        $379m (£294m)
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