Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho insists there is no need to make peace with Arsene Wenger because “there are no problems”.

The two managers have not had the best of relationships since Mourinho first arrived as Chelsea manager in 2004, despite Mourinho’s denial of bad blood between the coaches Wenger admitted on Thursday he is ready to let bygones be bygones with the United boss.

“I am open always in life to everything, for peace,” said the Arsenal manager. “I do not make of it a manager’s fight. I want that my team shows up and gives a performance on Sunday and plays well.”

But Mourinho, who has never lost to Wenger in the Premier League, says there are already no hard feelings as far as he is concerned ahead of the Emirates Stadium clash.

“He doesn’t need to [make peace]. He doesn’t need to because there are no problems,” he told a pre-match press conference.

“In the last match at Old Trafford we shook hands before, after. I remember that I still
met him in the corridor for the press conferences, we shook hands again. He doesn’t need to make peace.”

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