Mourinho accuses Man Utd players of playing ‘PlayStation football against Basel

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has accused his players of disrespecting Basel in their Champions League 3-0 win, saying they were more interested in “PlayStation football” than being professional.

Goals from Marouane Fellaini and Romelu Lukaku had given United a comfortable 2-0 lead before the hour mark at Old Trafford on Tuesday night but Mourinho was not impressed with what followed, though Marcus Rashford scored the third with minutes left on the clock.

He said: “After 2-0, I think everything changed and we stopped to play, stopped to think, stopped to play seriously. We stopped to make the right decisions on the pitch and we could put ourselves in trouble.”

“Bad decisions, fantasy football, PlayStation football, tricks and when you stopped to play as a team and when you stopped to play seriously I don’t like and you gamble a little bit.

“The players probably felt that the game was under control with the 2-0 but football is football and you have to respect your opponent.”

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