Messi: It’s ugly to see Coutinho get booed

Lionel Messi came out to defend Philippe Coutinho amid criticism over the Brazilian’s recent form.

Coutinho struggled to get a hole of the game in Wednesday’s 3-0 Champions League victory over Liverpool, the Brazil star’s former club.

Coutinho has proven a frequent target of the Camp Nou crowd, earning boos in recent weeks before responding with a stunning goal against Manchester United and a message back to the supporters in the form of a celebration.

But Coutinho’s struggles were once again booed on Wednesday, and Messi says there is no reason to criticize his team-mate.

“We are in a defining moment and it is not time to criticize anyone,” Messi told Movistar Plus following Wednesday’s victory.

“It is time to make everything happen as we talked at the beginning of the season.

“It is ugly to see a team-mate get booed like that, we must all be together and support.”

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