Messi criticised by fans at Liverpool airport

Whilst his time on the pitch was rather unpleasant on Tuesday, Lionel Messi lived the aftermath of the 4-0 defeat to Liverpool in far worse conditions than his teammates, as he was criticised whilst walking through the city’s John Lennon Airport.

Not only was Messi forced to swallow yet another Champions League elimination, but being randomly selected for a drug test forced him to travel back to Barcelona separately from his teammates.

Mundo Deportivo report that after finishing his mandatory test, the Argentine was subjected to significant criticism and booing whilst walking through the airport, mainly by a small group of fans it must be said.

It’s understood that Messi took exception to the behaviour of this group and an altercation occurred which Pepe Costa, the director of Barcelona’s player department, had to put a stop to before things spiralled out of control.

A number of other supporters who witness this event are then said to have applauded Messi as he walked away, showing their support for a player who gave his all to ensure Los Cules didn’t suffer yet another European humiliation.

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