Manchester rivals United and City were among the clubs to vote against bringing the transfer deadline forward to before the Premier League season starts, as per reports.

It was announced on Thursday that changes to the summer window will come into force ahead of the 2018-19 campaign.

The proposal, which had been mooted for some time, was not universally supported, though, with only 14 sides voting in favour of the change. United and City opposed the amendment, along with Swansea, Crystal Palace and Watford, while Burnley abstained.

Historically, transfer windows – both in the summer and in January – have closed at the end of a calendar month.

This year saw teams have until 11pm on August 31 in which to get their business done, with the deadline passing on the same day in the vast majority of countries across Europe.

That will now no longer be the case, with Premier League sides at risk of losing players to continental rivals once their domestic campaign has started – without the possibility to bring in cover.

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